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Plastic Parts

Injection moulding is the basic shaping process used in the production of plastic parts. The plastic is first plasticized in the injection unit and then injected under high pressure into the injection mold. In the injection mold, the material is rapidly cooled down with the simultaneous effect of pressure. During cooling, the material solidifies and forms the final product.

The production of plastic products has been an important element of Evitron’s business for many years. We work with clients in the design and production of various types of products for many industries, from construction to medical industy. Our company offers production services on modern, one- and two-component injection moulding machines with a clamping force from 25 to 150 tons, and possesses the necessary auxiliary equipment in plastics processing. In particular, we specialize in technologies of:

  • Two-component injection
  • Transmission production
  • Overmoulding using the „insert moulding” technique

We make products from basic, modified or thermoplastic materials, which are provided by proven and regularly assessed suppliers.

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