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Magnets for drives

The use of polymer magnets in engines and generators is probably the largest application area for these materials. Injected polymer magnets are most often used in DC brushless motors and stepper motors.

Brushless DC motors are devices consisting of a rotor with permanent magnets and a stator with windings. The torque is generated as a result of the interaction of magnetic fields. In such constructions, the role of polymer magnets is to increase the torque. Brushless DC motors are used, among others, in cars, medical equipment, consumer electronics, home appliances and industrial automation.

Stepper motors are commonly applicable elements of drive systems. In terms of electromagnetic compatibility, they have a significant advantage over DC motors. Their popularity also results from relatively low cost and good operational parameters. Thanks to the possibility of precise positioning of movement, stepper motors are popular in such fields as automation or robotics, but also in everyday objects – CD/DVD ROMs and print heads.

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