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Automotive Sector

In modern vehicles, the movement and location of any drive components are recorded by magnetic field sensors controlled by magnets. Polymer bonded magnets made by injection molding are some of the magnets used for this purpose. Their role is to provide information about position, level, linear or rotary motion, proximity, frequency and many others. The variety of applications means that the used components must display absolute precision, ensure reliable operation and a very long service life.


In automotive sector, polymer bonded magnets are used in:

  • HVAC sensors
  • ABS speed sensors
  • Seat belts sensors
  • Position and speed sensors
  • Light control sensors
  • Throttle position sensors
  • Window and mirror sensors 
  • Steering sensors
  • Trunk opening systems
  • Various angle sensors
  • Fuel injection sensors 
  • Gear shift sensors


So far, many of them used mechanical and hydraulic controllers are being replaced by modern “drive-by-wire” technology that uses sensors and actuators in safety, performance and comfort systems. Their work depends on the control and coupling of the permanent magnet. This system reduces the number of moving parts such as pedal handling and control emulators. The elements such as the steering column, axles, pumps, hoses, belts and main cylinders are also being dispensed. Polymer magnets are successfully used in this system and subsystems operating on similar principles:

  • „Steer-by-wire” in the steering system
  • „Brake-by-wire” in the brake system
  • „Shift-by-wire” in the gear shift system
  • „Gas-by-wire” in the drive system

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